What I Ate Wednesday – Ice Cream Anyone?

Hey there!!!! 
To start off this WIAW I’d like to share with you a pic from Michael and my rockin Saturday night…
That’s right. Banana splits and DVR’d Game of Thrones. My idea of a perfect evening! 
Speaking of perfect…
Strawberries have been popping up at the farmer’s market and I haven’t been able to resist. In fact, I’ve been buying them by the half flat and can barely keep them in my house long enough to try any recipes with them before eating them all plain. And by plain, I mean amazing. Since I can’t carry a half flat of strawberries AND all my other farmer’s market stuff, I just have to bring my hubby to the market with me. Bummer. ;) 
Since it’s been so nice lately, we’ve been eating outside more often. This was a super simple supper of grilled salmon, grilled green beans, and grilled green onions. Healthy, easy, delicious! 
What have you been eating this week? Happy Wednesday! 

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What I Ate Wednesday – The Windy City Edition


Welcome to mid-week. It’s all down hill from here..in a good way!

As you know, I spent last week with the cutest 5 month old on the face of the earth (seriously, I’m not biased), as well as my two sisters and mom. We ate some really great food while I was there, but I was so busy taking pictures of the baby I hardly took any pictures of the food! Whoops! :) Oh well, I got the really good stuff!

Our big to-do was this Zuni Roast Chicken. In San Francisco, Zuni Chicken is somewhat of a religion. I’ve been there. I’ve had it. It’s worth the hype. And this version was pretty darn good. If I wanted to make it taste even more like Zuni’s chicken next time I will melt a cup of butter and pour it over everything. I’m pretty sure that’s what they do at Zuni. That’s the only explanation for the deliciousness.

One afternoon, we decided we wanted to take the baby to the aquarium. So, we got all bundled up, loaded up the carseat, and headed out. But, when we got there we found a line hundreds of people long! This must be some aquarium. But there was no way we were going to find out. Not at 40 degrees with a 5 month old. So, we saw the outside, made some fishie faces, and called it good.

Then, we went to happy hour.

This is what happy hour looks like when you are 6 months pregnant. Not so exciting, huh?! But it was still a great time and we had a lobster roll to die for as well as a a chocolate ganache cake that totally made up for the fact that I couldn’t have a cocktail :)

One of the best things that came out of this trip (besides the amazing family time of course!) was my re-introduction to a delectable after dinner treat.

I’ve had Skinny Cows before, of course, but I had just kind of forgotten about them. But when I found my sister’s freezer full of them, I took advantage. You guys, these things are awesome! As soon as I got home I headed to the store to stock my own fridge. Now I’ll think of them every time it’s time for dessert! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Happy Wednesday!

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What I Ate Wednesday – Easter Edition!

Hi friends!

Currently, I’m in Chicago with my mom and sisters soaking up as much cutest-niece-in-the-world time as I possibly can. It’s wonderful! In other good news, I think I am finally starting to feel hungry again after my Easter Sunday Brunch! With all the food I ate, I haven’t been hungry in days! ;)

Every Easter for the past several years, my husband and I go to brunch at a hotel near our house. It was just a random find one year and we’ve been hooked ever since. This buffet is huge! And not just huge like Old Country Buffet huge…huge and gourmet! There are SO. MANY. CHOICES. and all of them are delicious!

First, I started with seafood. Well, what I could have, that is. I have to say I was a liiiiiitle bit jealous my hubby could indulge in the delicious looking sushi platter and bagel and lox buffet and I couldn’t, but I drowned my sorrows in crab legs. It definitely made me feel better. :)

On about our third or fourth trip back to the buffet (I would much rather take several trips back and forth than load up one or two plates full of foods that don’t necessarily go together, wouldn’t you?! :) ) I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this salad and said to Michael, “How did I miss that???” I had already had my “salads” plate but I had to make an exception for this amazing spinach salad with strawberries, ricotta salata, and edible flowers. It was divine. Plus, it gave us something to talk about for the next 20 minutes while I tried to explain to Michael what edible flowers were!

One of the best things about brunch is that you can have foods from every meal of the day! Have your pancakes and waffles followed up by some prime rib, leg of lamb, salmon, and mac and cheese. Not too shabby.

When I go to brunch, or really any other event where there are many dessert choices (weddings with dessert bars are my heaven) there is just something inside me that says, “You have to try everything.”  So I enlisted my hubby for help. We got two plates and tried everything. 

Don’t ask me to pick a favorite. That’s like asking Mrs. Duggar to pick her favorite child. Not possible. I love them all the same.


Hope you had a great Easter!

Happy Wednesday!

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WIAW – Grillin’ Machine

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your BBQs.

It’s almost April, so here in Northern California that means 99% of our meals will now be cooked on the grill.

Ok, maybe a sliiiight exaggeration, but not by much ;)

This past weekend we started things off with some burgers while watching March Madness. Even though my beloved Zags lost, I had this to cheer me up.

Not as good as a win, but it helped ease my pain :)

The next night as we were grilling up dinner, my husband came up with an incredible idea.

Usually, we grill asparagus on a cookie sheet or a couple layers of tin foil, but Michael thought about using these “veggie baskets” and WOW, they turned out great!

Just drizzle the asparagus with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then add some thyme sprigs and lemon wedges. The method worked perfectly – we ended up with tender, slightly charred, extremely delicious asparagus.

An added bonus is squeezing the grilled lemon over the asparagus after they are done. I suggest you run out and grab some asparagus asap and make this yourself!

What are you grilling up nowadays??

Happy Wednesday!

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What I Ate Wednesday!

Hey all!

I’m actually surprised I was able to pull my face out of a bowl of these utterly amazing jelly beans long enough to write this post. But I’m warning you, it might be short…a girl only has so much will power!

If you haven’t tried these Trader Joe’s jelly beans, do it. Like, now. If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s let me know – I’ll mail them to you…they are that good.

Since I’m getting the majority of my calories from tiny bean shaped drops of heaven these days, I’m trying to be good in my other eating. These black bean lettuce wraps were an experiment gone wrong – I was trying to make breadcrumb free black bean burgers. Turns out, you can’t. Or at least I can’t. If you can, please, let me know! But these wraps just proves there are no mistakes in the kitchen, they tasted great AND I had room for jelly beans after :)

Ever since I got back from Hawaii, I’ve been craving papaya. I ate it pretty much every day while I was there and missed it immediately when I got home. Then one day as I was strolling the isles of Trader Joe’s, I saw some big, green, looking like they were from the islands papayas. I was pretty skeptical, but I bought one anyway because I was desperate. Turns out it was great! I mean, no where near as good as the ones I was eating on the deck overlooking the ocean, but definitely satisfied my cravings. Since them I’ve been going through them like hot cakes!

Speaking of cravings…I’ve been having som crazy cravings for good old fashioned sandwiches lately. This turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado sandwich hit the spot for lunch the other day. I’ve also been making “veggie burger” sandwiches with frozen veggie burgers and all the fixins. Then today I used leftover BBQ salmon to make one of my favorites: salmon and cucumber. A little mustard, whole wheat bread, lots of salmon and lots of cucumber. Delish!

What have you been craving lately?

Happy Wednesday!


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What I Ate Wednesday – Wishing for spring!

Hey there!

 Sorry I’ve been MIA for WIAW these past couple weeks! I’m still blaming things on “getting back to the swing of things” after vacation. That takes a good two weeks, right??? :)
Spring was out in full force last weekend (only to disappear rudely as soon as Monday hit) so mu hubby and I decided to go for an al fresco lunch and enjoy the sunshine. You know what’s a great lunch to eat outside on a sunshine-y day? Burgers and fries. Or, more specifically, avocado burgers and garlic sweet potato fries. Try it next time the sun is out…you won’t be disappointed!
But, I’ve also felt the urge to eat lighter meals as the seasons change. This salmon salad was a perfect lunch when I was feeling like something light but filling. I like a lot of stuff in my salads so I load ‘em up with veggies and protein. Dress it with a simple lemon vinaigrette and you are good to go.
Speaking of protein, I’ve been eating lots of it lately. I was thinking of blaming it on the baby (such an easy way out!! ;) but I actually think it’s due to the fact that it’s finally warm enough to BBQ! BBQ-ing is our very favorite mode of cooking from about now through whenever it gets to cold to stand outside and wait for your steak to get done without a hat and gloves. There’s nothing like the smell of charcoal in the summer…or March! This spice rubbed tri-tip with chimichuri turned out so well I’ll be sharing it with you guys soon. Be sure to check back- this is a recipe you are going to want to have in your summer arsenal!
And, even though I brought half of this delicious blueberry lemon pound cake to work, I’ve been snacking on the other half non stop! It is so moist, crumbly, and fruity I just can’t get enough! Plus, it works for breakfast OR dessert! Genius!
Have a fantastic week everyone!

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What I Ate Wednesday – Valentine’s Treats!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

You’d think it was “national cookie week” in my house because I’ve been downing these heart shaped bites of heaven like it’s my job lately. But hey, don’t want them to go waste, right??? Valentine’s just comes once a year :)

I’ve also been drinking everything I can out of this cup..

My mom sent this to me in a Valentine’s package a few years ago and it’s my go to every February. Who doesn’t like sweethearts with their coffee?

Speaking of Valentine’s cookies…these whole wheat raspberry cookies are so nutty, fruity, and delicious. Plus, the whole wheat part totally justifies eating them for breakfast ;)

Ok, ok, I threw in a Valentine’s salad for good measure. Ok, it’s actually not just for good measure, it’s also a super awesome combination of flavors that will make your Valentine’s day dinner start off on a fantastic foot. Mixed greens, fresh strawberries, homemade ricotta cheese, and fig vinaigrette. This salad will definitely make you feel great about scarfing a few more cookies! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

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WIAW- Super Bowl and Celebrations


I couldn’t possibly do a WIAW this week without sharing some Super Bowl food…so I will! But first, I had something else to celebrate this week. My hubby’s birthday! I asked him a little while before his B-day what he wanted to eat. I said I’d cook anything in the world he wanted. His request? “The best burger and fries you can make.” So I tried…and I think I did pretty well!
Fresh ground beef, sharp cheddar cheese, mixed greens, mustard, mayo, ketchup, bread and butter pickles, freshly sliced tomato, and red onion all on an herb ciabatta roll. I gotta say, it was pretty prefect. I think it should be his birthday every day.
Instead of birthday cake, we had birthday cheesecake! My mom’s recipe and just about a million times better than any cheesecake I’ve ever had. Thanks mom!
Ok onto Sunday. I whipped up a batch of pretzels. As did every one else in my family! Here’s a look at all of our offerings…
My Sister’s…
My mom’s…
Ok you get to vote…who wins #pretzelwars??
How were your Super Bowl eats?
Happy Wednesday!

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What I Ate Wednesday – Super Bowl Prep

Hey Guys!

This week WIAW is all about Super Bowl Party prep. As you may have noticed over the past two days, I’m pretty stoked for Sunday’s celebrations. Mainly because I plan on eating all the delicious party snacks that are going to be readily available. So, I’ve spent this week trying to eat pretty healthy. These buffalo chicken burgers have all the flavor of buffalo wings with way less guilt (so I can eat more buffalo wings on Sunday!)

I made a big batch of this Blueberry Flax granola Sunday night and I’m loving it on Greek Yogurt. It’s sweeter than the granola I usually make so I don’t even need honey or agave in the yogurt to sweeten it up!

Dinners like these ground turkey and spinach stuffed mushrooms make “healthy weeks” really easy…and delicious!

So, I’ve been doing great with my healthy-eating-in-preparation-for-a-Sunday-snack-fest all week and then my wonderful husband came home from a trip to Las Vegas with my kryptonite.

I’ve talked before about my all consuming love for the chocolate croissants at Bouchon Bakery and he had to go ahead and bring me home SIX of them. I can pretend to be mad all I want, then I take one bite and want to do back flips of joy. But I won’t. I might drop a crumb!

Happy Wednesday!


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What I Ate Wednesday – Hodge Podge

Oh heyyyyy.

What’s up this Wednesday? This week’s WIAW is kind of a Hodge Podge of all my eats from the past week. So let’s jump right in!

This Sunday the San Francisco 49ers won a spot in the Super Bowl! Things were pretty exciting up in ol’ SF…as you can see by the brightly lit up capitol building! Because it was a football day, we had all the basics…definitely getting ready for the Super Bowl! Can’t wait to share some game day eats with you guys next week!

This is the meal my amazing husband made for me tonight. Those are two beautiful rib eye steaks under some caramelized veggies from the BBQ. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such an awesome Tuesday night meal!

Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with breakfast…

Breakfasts like these and these and THESE fluffy whole wheat pancakes. The only downside? You’ll wish it was Sunday every day! You may even get a little lost in these pancakes and be late for work…whoops! :)

I’ve also been trying to stay on the New Year’s bandwagon by adding lots of salads back into my repertoire. But not boring I-have-to-eat-it salads. Flavorful, colorful, anything but boring salads like this Avocado and Grapefruit Quinoa Salad.

It’s pretty easy to make healthy decisions when you have awesome food like this around. (Did I mention it keeps for a week in the fridge?!?)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



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What I Ate Wednesday – Resolution Schmezalution


So this time of year there’s all kinds of resolution talk around the water cooler…I say enough! I’m not big on resolutions. I’m more of a live the whole year in a healthy way type. BUT, I am a fan of the New Year’s “restart.” After the holidays and all the food, drinks, and desserts, it’s good to be able to press the reset button on your eating habits on January 1st.

That said…I was a little late in pressing my reset button this year. My vacation extended a little past January 1st this year, so here’s the last bit of my holiday eats before my New Year’s restart!

As a kid one of my favorite traditions happened on Sunday. My mom would take us to church and then afterwards we’d go and get a dozen doughnuts to bring home. My sisters and brother and I had so much fun picking out all the different varieties of doughnuts and then my mom would cut them up so we could try all the different ones. As a kid, it was the BEST. Turns out, it’s not so bad as an adult either :)

An out of town hubby means grilled cheese dipped in soup, Downton Abbey (have you guys watched it? It is awesome!), a bottle of wine, and checking the windows every 5 seconds for scary noises. :)

I know these look like resolution-busters, but they’re actually whole wheat flax waffles. And they are delicious! Recipe coming soon!

After my “reset” I baked up a batch of these blueberry oat scones and I’ve been snacking on them all week. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring OR yucky! And these scones prove it!

Have a great Wednesday!


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What I Ate Wednesday – Christmas Parties and Treats!

Hey there!!!

Last weekend we had our annual Christmas party and gift exchange. It is one of my favorite days of the year! We have so much fun eating, drinking, and stealing each other’s presents! I also had a great time decorating the house and cooking up a feast. There is nothing like getting all your friends together in one place to get you into the holiday spirit.

So, since I missed last week’s WIAW (there was just too much Christmas Shopping to do!) ;) I’m bringing you a super sweet recap of my weekend celebratory eats.

And I do mean sweet!

At our Christmas party last weekend I had so much fun whipping up some sweet treats. The peppermint bark was a hit!

As were the chocolate covered peppermint pretzels!

And the homemade assorted truffles. Did you know how easy truffles are to make?! It was so much fun creating the flavor combinations. And they turned out really well. No need to spend the big bucks at the chocolate shop anymore! :)

But don’t worry, we didn’t just have sweets!

A party isn’t a party without a cheese plate!

Hope you are celebrating this season to the fullest with the people you love!



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