Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are loving somebody today and somebody is loving you! I am loving these Valentine Sugar Cookies!! Oh, and my husband! :)

These cookies are actually my great grandmother’s recipe. Growing up my mom would make these cookies every single Valentine’s day. Even when we moved away for school or work she would send my siblings and me packages of these cookies nested in 18 layers of bubble wrap so as to arrive safely. Needless to say, it’s not quite Valentine’s Day until these cookies get made.  Continue reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Wowza! This is quite a Monday! I woke up and had 10 extra minutes this morning because my husband made me a fantastic lunch and had it waiting in the fridge for me. Then, I got to work to discover I’d won 50 dollars in the office super bowl pool – woohoo! And then I turned on my computer to discover that the FABULOUS Averil at The Cook, the Baker, and the Clay Boy Maker had nominated me for the Versatile blogger award.

Right now I am feeling like this…

Totally feeling the love! Thank you than you! Every Monday should start like this! :)

And the rules for this award are:

A) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post… Of Course!!! THANK YOU to Averil! Thank you for the nomination AND for writing such an awesome blog where I get so many good ideas! You guys should check it out

B) Share 7 things about yourself… hmm this one is tough but here goes

1. My favorite food is fruit. Hands down.

2. I hate flying… almost as much as my husband hates flying with me.

3. My only hidden talent is being able to say all 50 states in alphabetical order which I learned in 1st grade and have somehow remembered all these years!

4. I could eat chips and salsa for every meal, every day. Extra hot salsa please!

5.  My mom is a way better cook than I am. Definitely something to work towards!

6. I am an extremely adventurous eater; I’ll try anything. The only food I can honestly say I don’t like is water chestnuts. Wouldn’t you know, my husband loves them! Maybe they’ll grow on me :)

7. I’ve seen every episode of FRIENDS at least 5 times. I am not exaggerating.

C) Pass the award on to 15 bloggers… There are so many bloggers out there that I am in awe of! Here are a few…

Sarah at Sarah’s Place: Sarah’s pictures are amazing! They make me want to dive right into my computer and eat them up! Plus, since I have personally made several of her recipes I know they are just as good (if not better!) then they look!

The Lust Nest : Mixes amazing recipes with awesome ideas for the home. I could spend hours here!

Kristi at Sweetly Fit: Great recipes and ideas and totally inspirational with her work out recaps and routines!

Julie at Happy Good Time Blog: I love her photos and how she lightens up dishes while keeping them super delicious!

Alana at This Modern Wife: I love her DIY projects and I am definitely going to be hitting her up for gardening tips in a month or two! Plus, she posts yummy recipes too!

Michelle at The Pig and The Fig: Talk about delicious! Her recipes not only look amazing, but taste phenomenal too! I can tell from experiences as I have made several myself!

Julie at Burnt Carrots: I love her blog! Such amazing recipes! And I love “Technical Tuesdays” when she goes in depth on different cooking techniques. It’s awesome!

Zach at Lost Angeles: I love football and I love whiskey, so Zach’s blog is already awesome enough. But it wasn’t until I started reading his weekly Bachelor recaps that I truly fell in love! Seriously, this guy has me laughing so hard co-workers come into my office and ask if I’m ok. Check it out!

Jen at Whittle My Middle: First of all, I love her blog’s name! It is so clever! But it is not all about the name-Jen posts really awesome recipes as well as recaps of her work outs. Her pictures also make me crave the mountains and snow!

Serena at The Spicy Stiletto: While I can never hope to have even half the fashion sense serena has, I can look at her pictures and dream! Plus she also posts delicious recipes like Pizzettes with Chicken and Kale Pesto <—– YUM!

Shelley at Mile High Healthy: Most days after reading Shelley’s blog if you asked me if I wanted to pick up and move to Denver I would give you a resounding “YES!” Not only does she post great recipes (I especially LOVE her smoothies!) but she also gives me lots of meatless inspiration to “veggie-up” my life a little!

Faux Chef for Five: I love reading about her family, recipes, AND journey of 50 states, 50 pizzas!!

Lesley at Indulge-Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences: Talk about travel inspiration! I am seriously planning my next vacation through reading this blog!

Ramblings & Roasts: If you want a great recipe AND a great laugh check this blog out!!

Maureen at Organically Mo: Hilarious and a fantastic twitter friend! @OrganicallyMo

D) Contact the bloggers I have chosen to let them know that they have been selected!… Done and done!

There are so many amazing blogs out there and I am so honored to be nominated for this award. Thank you again Averil!

Hope you all have a fantastic day and week!!

Genius Idea!

Hi All,

Last nigh Michael and I got home from our travels for the holidays. Today, instead of another lazy day eating, cooking, playing games, and lounging around (as was the case nearly every day of vacation), I had a full day of unpacking, errands and taking down Christmas decorations awaiting me.

BUT, there is always a bright side! After a huge Costco run I was about to take my apple clamshell out to the recycling when I passed by my Christmas tree. “Wait a minute!” I thought, those ornaments are exactly the same size as the Granny Smith apples I just unloaded. And thus, an ornament container was born

Every once in a while I amaze myself! Now, I am sure someone, somewhere has thought of this before but I’ve never seen it so I am claiming the idea as my own:) I mean, it’s perfect- the ornaments are protected and it hardly takes up any space in my ever-growing Christmas decorations section of the garage. If only I had bought more apples!!

Granny Smith? Looks like Red and Golden delicious to me! :)

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