White Peach and Olive Oil Cake

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It has been HOT here lately. Like, escape to the movies, eat all meals in an air conditioned restaurant, run to Target for a kiddie pool HOT. So, I’ve been switching up my normal routine. Instead of my early morning gym sessions that are the norm, I’ve been waking up and enjoying hanging out and getting things done around the house while it’s not too hot yet. I open the doors and windows and twiddle around the house before I start sweating. It’s the only time it would be possible to turn on the oven. So yesterday morning before my hubby even woke up, I had this cake baking in the oven. Not a bad way to wake up, huh?

It’s no secret that I love all fruit, but white peaches are especially delicious, especially this time of year. They are really sweet and pair perfectly with the olive oil in this cake.

Look at that batter! The olive oil tuns the batter such a rich shade of yellow. If you’ve never had an olive oil cake, prepare to fall in love. The olive oil makes the cake turn out incredibly moist and gives that cake a TON of flavor. Just make sure you use a good olive oil that you like the taste of (I suggest giving it a taste plain, first) because you will really taste the olive oil in the finished product.

When making this cake, you toss the peaches in olive oil and sugar, so when you are whisking the dry ingredients in, that batter might seem a touch dry, but don’t worry. Once you add the peaches the olive oil and sugar juice that you created will thin things out to the perfect consistency.

This cake bakes in a 9×13 baking dish for only about 30-35 minutes, so it’s prefect for early morning baking because it’s done before you’re so hot you just have to turn that oven off. :)

The cake fluffs up perfectly. It is moist, crumbly, fruity from the peaches and the olive oil, and rich in the absolute best way thanks to the delicious olive oil. It’s a perfect summer treat. I thought it tasted great with a hefty dusting of powdered sugar on top, too. :) Plus, if you bake it in the morning, it is totally acceptable to eat it for breakfast ;)


Find the original recipe here. The only change is using white peaches instead of yellow. You can use either, but I like the extra sweetness of the white peaches.

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