What I Ate Wednesday – Ice Cream Anyone?

Hey there!!!! 
To start off this WIAW I’d like to share with you a pic from Michael and my rockin Saturday night…
That’s right. Banana splits and DVR’d Game of Thrones. My idea of a perfect evening! 
Speaking of perfect…
Strawberries have been popping up at the farmer’s market and I haven’t been able to resist. In fact, I’ve been buying them by the half flat and can barely keep them in my house long enough to try any recipes with them before eating them all plain. And by plain, I mean amazing. Since I can’t carry a half flat of strawberries AND all my other farmer’s market stuff, I just have to bring my hubby to the market with me. Bummer. ;) 
Since it’s been so nice lately, we’ve been eating outside more often. This was a super simple supper of grilled salmon, grilled green beans, and grilled green onions. Healthy, easy, delicious! 
What have you been eating this week? Happy Wednesday! 

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