What I Ate Wednesday – Home Sweet Home


You guys- this is a great Wednesday. Why? Because I am home!! Yipee! Today I arrived for a week long vacation at home. This means a few awesome things…spending time with my parents, countless hours by the pool, no work, relaxation, cocktails in lawn chairs, fresh raspberries off the bush by the dozen, and my mom’s awesome cooking. In short, it’s gonna be a great week.

My early morning started off with some work at the Southwest terminal, 2 zucchini breakfast cookies, and a grande americano. Definitely needed the coffee. Do you guys sleep horribly the night before a trip? I always do. Maybe it’s the excitement. Maybe it is the impending nervousness that accompanies every flight I take…either way…I needed the coffee! :)

Less than an hour after I landed in Spokane this is what I was doing…

Rough life, I know. My parents have the most bountiful raspberry bushes I’ve ever seen and this is the perfect time of year. I’m pretty sure I’ve already eaten about $10o worth if you bought them in the store and I haven’t even been here 24 hours. So. Awesome.

I also came home to this:

Millions and millions of jars of homemade jam! My mouth was watering as soon as I saw all this strawberry and raspberry goodness. I will definitely be stuffing several of these in my suitcase on the way home!

For dinner we had delicious shrimp, veggie, and fresh garden potato skewers. Yum. By the way, isn’t my dad a dork?! In the most awesome way possible. Love him! Oh and we also had a perfect gardent tomato salad with basil and feta. Delish.

After dinner I stuffed myself full of several more pounds of fresh raspberries, BUT THEN my mom made fresh biscuits and topped them with fresh fruit compote and ever more fresh raspberries. Why no picture you ask? Well I’m pretty sure I set some kind of world record for speed eating on that one, sorry guys.

It’s so great to be home!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Bob and rita says:

    Input your comments here..Love the pictures from last nights dinner love this web page also great  job

  2. Jessie says:

    My dad will make the dorkiest faces for pictures too. It seriously cracks me up, and I couldn’t be a prouder daughter bc of that haha. Those skewers sound delicious too btw.

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