What I Ate Wednesday – Gimmie somea that!

Hey there! Welcome to another Wednesday. It’s all downhill from here…in a good way!

On that note…Let’s launch right in to WIAW!

I’ve been packing myself full of summer fruits and veggies (as well as cappuccinos and papaya salads :) )

You know what goes really, really well with summer fruit?


Don’t forget the gummy bears and jelly beans! Listen, I love to be healthy/eat healthy/live healthy, but frozen yogurt is my true pleasure. Not guilty pleasure. I don’t feel one smidge guilty about getting my fro yo fix. So what if I tell myself I’m doing something good by giving myself some calcium? Maybe I trick myself into thinking that fro yo dipped fruit is actually healthier for you than regular? When I have that cup of watermelon tart, mango, and blueberry frozen yogurt with blackberries, mango, lychees, gummy bears, and jelly beans in my hand – I.AM.HAPPY.

Other things that make me happy? Gigantic Turkey legs on an open flame!

Last weekend my sister and I went to the Art and Wine festival in Los Altos, Ca. It should have been called the Art, Wine, & FOOD festival! The food was amazing! We ate BBQ, Indian Food, and some of the best tamales I’ve ever had. But the thing that blew them all away? Check out these turkey legs! You could smell them a mile away.

Oh and don’t worry, we didn’t forget the wine!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. Elle @The Way says:

    I have to laugh about the “calcium” excuse! This used to be what I told myself when I was going through an ice-cream-every-day phase. ; )  The salad (?) with the shrimp looks amazing!

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