What I Ate (on my birthday!)

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve had a great week of vacation up at my parent’s house in Washington. We’ve been laying by the pool, eating great food, playing bocce ball, and just generally having a great time! I’m sad to go back to a life of not having my mom wait on me ;) but I was so lucky to spend my birthday here! It was the first birthday I’ve spent at home in a while and it was awesome to be with my family and celebrate. My day started out with a gift from my mom-the above Happy Birthday glass! I drank out of it and nothing else all day :)

When I woke up the party was already ready to start! Notice the bug centerpiece? I think that is from my little brother’s 7th birthday…he’s now 21…it’s practically an heirloom! I also wore the party hat all morning. It’s only your birthday once a year people.

Working, even on my birthday…notice the party hat. :)

Birthday breakfasts are somewhat of a “thing” in my house. Growing up my mom would always make us whatever we wanted for our birthday breakfast. It was always the best way to start the day! Every birthday of my entire life (ok that I can remember) I requested waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. It is my favorite breakfast…ever. I would eat it every day if I had the time…or if my mom lived with me. :)

After breakfast we went outside for pool time and games. This was lunch…

Pretty perfect right? I know, I’m super lucky.

Then cocktail hour rolled around…

My mom made Pisco Sours. Y.U.M. One time when she came down to visit me in San Francisco we had Pisco Sours at La Mar. If you are ever in SF it is a must. The restaurant is right on the water and has some incredibly amazing seafood…not to mention cocktails. Their speciality is the Pisco Sour-it was the first we’d ever had and we were hooked. Of course, my mom got the recipe from the bartender and now we can have them whenever we want!

Dinner was shrimp fajitas. Guac. Homemade salsa. Corn on the Cob. All fantastic, but not as fantastic as spending your birthday with the people you love. Here’s to many more birthdays spent that way :)

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Jessie says:

    What a perfect birthday. Your mom seems absolutely adorable! Love everything about this post, especially your birthday glass. Way to cute :)

    Happy Belated birthday girl!

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