Homemade Ricotta Cheese

You guys. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to share this recipe with you. I kept meaning to get to it but other things kept getting in the way. But now…it’s time. And let me tell you, it will be worth the wait!

I have been wanting to make cheese ever since I found out how easy it was to make at home. Seriously, all you need is 4 ingredients, cheesecloth, and a strainer!

And let me tell you, after making this ricotta at home I will never buy it again! It is so rich and creamy and has tons more tangy flavor than any store bought ricotta I’ve ever tried. Plus, you can not only control the thickness of the ricotta by the amount of time you leave it in the cheesecloth, but you can also control the calories and fat by your choice of milk. Now, most recipes call for whole milk to which I say, “No Way!” Ok, ok, I will admit that had I made this with whole milk it would have been delicious, but let me just say I made it with 2% and it was UH-maze-ing! I’m trying it with 1% next, just to see. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work very well with non-fat, but knowing me I’ll probably try it out.

This process is also SO.MUCH.FUN. There is just something about making things by hand that you usually have to buy in the store. I felt so great checking my cheesecloth, simmering my milk, testing my cheese.

And the eating. Oh, the eating.

I served mine up with a fresh loaf of this and a hefty drizzle of this. This ricotta is so fluffy, velvety, and rich I was literally eating it with a spoon. But then I put it on toast. Ut oh. I had guest over when I served this as an appetizer and I was the worst host ever. I set down the tray right in front of myself. I don’t think I said a word for 20 minutes as I stuffed my face full of ricotta slathered toasts. Sorry Auntie and Uncle, the ricotta has priority here. (p.s. that’s why you have family over, they can’t judge you for stuff like that!)

Try this out immediately, it will be a new favorite for sure!


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Homemade Ricotta Cheese
Recipe adapted from Ina Garten
  • 4 cups milk (I used 2%, but whole works too)
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar
  • Cheesecloth
  1. Line a colander with 2 layers of dampened cheesecloth
  2. Place milk, cream, and salt in a large pot or dutch oven
  3. Bring to a boil over medium heat (make sure to stir a few times)
  4. Add vinegar and let stand about 2 minutes
  5. Strain through cheesecloth and let stand 15-30 minutes (the longer you let it sit, the thicker the cheese will be)
  6. Transfer to an airtight bowl-ricotta will keep in the fridge for up to a week.



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  1. LJ8 says:

    *This is one of the best tastes EVER. 
    With the bread and honey it is like
     the appetizer, the main course and the dessert ALL IN ONE 

    Love Love Love it

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