What I Ate Wednesday – Memorial Day Fiesta!

Happy Wednesday!

There is nothing like a four day work week to get me in a fantastic mood. There is also nothing like a s’more to make all your troubles disappear. Am I right??

This WIAW is all about Memorial Day Weekend and my two favorite F’s. Friends and FOOD!



This weekend we had a wonderful time celebrating Memorial Day in our backyard with some good friends. It was a ridiculously fun filled day complete with tons of food, lots of sun, delicious drinks…even a watermelon eating contest and a game of musical chairs!!!

That’s right. I said musical chairs. No, there was not a single guest under the age of 25. And YES, it was awesome.

Also awesome? The watermelon contest. Guess what? I kicked butt. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’ve never lost a watermelon eating contest. I am pretty sure every birthday from the ages of 7-12 I had a watermelon eating contest (I’m a July baby) and every year I won. None of this, let the guests win crap. Nope. Total domination. Every time. So, when I found a super sweet watermelon at Costco for the party, I knew I had to uphold my reign. It was so fun…and delicious!

Speaking of delicious…

So much food! Fiesta Bean Salad. Some of that delicious watermelon I was telling you about. Some amazing carnitas (my first time ever making them!). Lots of chips, salsa, and homemade guacamole. Pickled red onions. And a giant (do you see the size of that thing?!?) jug of La Paloma Hermosas!

It was perfect! You guys, I can’t wait to share this carnitas recipe with you. AMAZING. I promise it’s coming up soon!

I am fully, 100% convinced that there is no better way to end any a Memorial Day party then S’mores!

Notice the keys to an amazing s’more…

Must have 2 marshmallows. Must warm the graham crackers AND melt the chocolate. Must achieve a perfect golden brown exterior and creamy smooth interior of the marshmallow. Put it all together and it makes the perfect s’more!

Oh and if you need some advice on how to put it together…

Happy Wednesday Everyone! :)

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  1. Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl says:

    YUM! I should have definitely been at your house for some fiesta eats. Nice layout. I was just talking to someone about making banana boats on the grill. Slice it in half, skin on, add marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap in foil, cook on indirect heart for 7-10 min. done. eat with spoon right out of banana. enjoy. ;)

  2. MassachusEATS says:

    What a tasty looking spread! And I totally love that you played musical chairs – I really wanna bring that game back. If anything, it is more competitive/intense playing with adults lol

  3. Meagan says:

    Agh – reliving that delish meal through your pictures is killing me while I wait for lunch time.  And as a participant in that musical chairs show down… I can assure you it was not all fun and games.  The bruise on my ass from “missing” the chair will be with me for weeks.  Thanks for having us over.  I saw Eleanor yesterday and we can’t stop raving about how much fun we had!

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