What a Weekend!

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend treated you right! :) I had a fantastic weekend in Portland, Oregon celebrating our friends John and Hallie’s wedding. And what a wedding it was!

While I have to admit, I was a bit sad to leave the forecasted 80+ degrees in Northern Cali, Portland cooperated very nicely with the wedding plans and it turned out to be sunny and warm for the big day. On the plus side, I didn’t need the tights I brought to go with my dress! On the other hand it did mean I had to shave my legs! ;) Oh well, it was worth it for the sunny weather.

Such a cute way to do place cards huh? The wedding was at the World Forestry Center and I loved the aspects of nature they wove into different aspects of the wedding. Even the favors fit with the theme! We each got our own potted succulent!

Even though my husband thought I couldn’t do it, I got both of ours home on the plane safely and they are now prettily perched on my kitchen windowsill!

While I love my little plants, the I wish I could have taken home about a million of these!

That sign was some kind of cruel torture! Is that not the most appetizing display of treats you have ever seen?

When that sign FINALLY came down :) I took full advantage…

They were all pretty delicious, but my favorite was the chocolate ganache. You better believe I will be trying to recreate that one in my own kitchen!

We had such an amazing time! In my book, there are not many things better than spending a weekend with people you love celebrating.

How was your weekend? :)


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Oven Roasted Salmon and Leeks

Happy Friday!

Do you have some leeks leftover?? This is a quick and easy “one pan” meal – kinda like a one pot meal but using a sheet pan instead! :)

The flavor of the leeks works perfectly with the salmon, and the cook at almost exactly the same rate, so you just have to throw everything together, pop it in the oven, and less than a half hour later, dinner is served!!

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Leek and Potato Flatbread


Did you get your leeks cleaned? I hope so, because now it’s time to use them!

I love flatbread-mostly because it is a fancy name for pizza! But calling it flatbread not only makes it sound a little more “high class,” but also helps me not feel bad about eating an extra slice (or two!) :)

There is a ton of different flavors going on in this flatbread, but the leeks are the star of the show. Their subtle onion flavor and slightly crunchy texture shine in this hearty appetizer. Thinly sliced potatoes  become soft and starchy in the oven, garlic adds a little spice and bite, thyme puts in tons of depth and earthy flavor, and gruyere cheese melts it all into ooey gooey deliciousness.


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What I Ate Wednesday-Veggie-Palooza!

Welcome to Wednesday! As WIAW winds down for the month, I wanted to finish up the April challenge with sharing some of my favorite veggies from this week.

So without further ado…

Artichokes are still totally in season and readily available at every farmer’s market I’ve scoped out in the past month (usually at grocery stores too!). I have developed a new love for the baby artichokes, but will happily take the full grown version any day! I’ve also been experimenting with new ways to prepare them-one of my favorites is on the grill! Granted, I pretty much think putting anything on the grill makes it better, but it is definitely true with artichokes!

Speaking of the grill…check out this amazing BBQ’d corn. This may have been the best corn I’ve ever had and I don’t think I’ll ever cook it another way again! The secret?? First grill the corn in the husk! It steams the corn first, then you remove the husk to get the grill marks (and flavor!) on the corn. SO. GOOD. Gotta give credit to my charcoal grillin’ hubby on this one-one of the best parts of grilling is I don’t have to do the work! :)  Continue reading →

How to clean leeks

Hey there!

Let’s talk leeks. You might have found them before all cleaned and ready to go for you. But right now, these fantastic veggies can be found all over farmer’s markets. They are super fresh and flavorful, but don’t come al ready and rarin’ to go. But a little work goes a long way with the super fresh version, try it out and I think you’ll find it’s worth it!!!


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Best Chicken Salad Ever!

Happy Monday Morning Friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did! :) It was beautiful and sunny here, so I spent most of the weekend outside working on my garden and reading. My garden is really coming along! I even have some baby strawberries coming out! It is SO exciting!! I can’t wait to be able to make a meal with ingredients fresh from my backyard. I also spent much of the weekend tearing through the Marriage Pact. Have you guys read this book yet? I am about halfway through, so don’t ruin it! I am loving it so far-so much drama! Perfect beach backyard read.

Ok back to the real reason I am so happy today…I have a heaping scoop of this chicken salad for lunch! Yipee! As my husband and I munched on this yesterday afternoon (with tortilla chips-so good!) I thought to myself, “why don’t I make more chicken salad? It is quick, easy, and healthy. Yep, you heard me right, healthy. I know when you think chicken salad you automatically think some super mayo-y mush laden with fat and calories. While this might sound good to some people (Dad, I’m looking at you! ;) ) it’s not exactly the healthiest lunch/snack/dinner.

This version has TONS of flavor and wayyyy fewer calories and almost no fat. How did I do it you ask? Simple. By using the most glorious ingredient on the planet…Greek yogurt. I have often spoke of my love for Greek yogurt, but seriously guy, this stuff is awesome. Not only does it give you all the creamy goodness you want in a chicken salad, but it adds a nice tangy flavor as well. Trust me, if you think you can’t have a tasty and healthy chicken salad, you thought wrong! Oh and don’t worry Dad, I did use a little bit of mayo too! (but only a little!)

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La Paloma Hermosa

Happy Friday!

Best day of the week right? Who’s feeling like a cocktail? Is it weird that I am raising my hand as I type?

It is supposed to be a ridiculously nice weekend in northern California and I can’t wait to fix me up a big batch of these! I first had this delicious concoction at Mateo’s Cocina Latina in Healdsburg, CA. I think it must have been a combination of me raving loudly about how amazing it was and the fact that I drank it at world record speed that made the barenter turn to me at the bar and ask, “Do you want the recipe?” It’s possible I shouted “Yes!” a little too excitedly, but I don’t think so. :)  Continue reading →

What I Ate Wednesday – Veggies don’t have to be boring!

Good Morning! Hope your Wednesday is going wonderfully so far and just gets better! :) Since WIAW is focusing on adding some extra veggies to your regularly scheduled meals this month (who doesn’t need that?!) I thought I’d show that veggies don’t have to be boring/and or tasteless! Veggies are amazing! Some of my favorite meals on our New York trip were veggie-centric and utterly delicious!


So without further ado…

I had this AMAZING veggie burger at 5 Napkin Burger in NYC. It was unlike any veggies burger I had ever had. For starters, it was bright red! Why??? One of the main ingredients was beets! It was so flavorful I did not miss the meat at all. I am headed into the kitchen to try and recreate this asap!

Also, don’t even think about telling me that sweet potato fries don’t count as a veggie! :)  Continue reading →

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Sweet Potato Hash

Hey there!

I am still working on getting back on West Coast time, but the plus side is, I have been getting lots done in the mornings! This morning I got up and did two loads of laundry before I even made breakfast! Who knew the early morning hours could be so productive?!:)

If you find yourself with some extra time one morning this week, I have a suggestion…make this Sweet Potato Hash! It will be time well spent, I assure you. I actually made this dish as BFD, breakfast for dinner, one of my favorite things ever! After making and devouring these, I still had a few sweet potatoes left to turn into…something. The true inspiration for this dish came from these… Continue reading →

NYC Recap!

Hello Friends!!

Happy Monday! I am back from the Big Apple after an amazing trip! We had such a great time and had so many fun adventures, so I thought I’d share some highlights with you all. :)

We never got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but we did head over to Brooklyn for an amazing steak dinner at Peter Luger’s. I think I am still full!

What did most of the trip consist of?? Eating and drinking of course!!! :) We had some absolutely amazing food (and drinks!) during our trip. Of course we had the usual: pizza, bagels, hot dogs…but we also had a wide variety of absolutely fantastic NYC fare. Have you guys tried soup dumplings?? If not run (no seriously) to your nearest Chinese food restaurant and order them. We had them at Joe’s Shanghai (better yet, run there!!!) and I am still dreaming about them.


These are whiskey and blackberry cocktails from Mulberry Project. Heaven. Continue reading →

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What I Ate Wednesday-Veg it up!


Happy Wednesday!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Because this month’s WIAW is focusing on adding an extra cup of veggies into your culinary repertoire, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to “sneak in” veggies to my daily meals.


In my opinion, there is no better way to sneak in veggies than to blend up a spinach smoothie!

Another one of my favorite ways to mix in veggies is with Mexican food. Homemade salsa is great for packing with veggies! Also, guacamole is a great way to get in some super healthy fats, and I always slice up lots of peppers and onions to go with my tacos.

Another one of my favorite ways to mix in veggies is to stir some sautéed veggies in with quinoa, barley, or brown rice. It makes a great all-in-one-side dish and tastes delicious! One of my favs??? Mushrooms, spinach, and quinoa. Serve it up with some broiled salmon for a perfect, balanced meal!

How do you love to incorporate veggies into your daily meals??

Happy Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week!! :)




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Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad with Honey Vinaigrette


Oh hey there!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am in full on spring mode. I want eat every meal I can outside and fill up with all the delicious, fresh, in season produce that is hitting the market right about now. You too?? Perfect! This salad is for you!

The other day I stopped by a fabulous winery/farmer’s market and picked up these vibrant beets and carrots.

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