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Happy Wednesday! Week is halfway done and I’m already looking forward to the weekend! I have been pretty tired this week-I think it is the rainy weather we have been having here in Cali lately. My sister lives in Chicago and it is supposed to be 85 there today!!! I think the high here is 67…there is something wrong with this picture right?!?!?

Ok, ok, I’m probably just jealous…but seriously, I am ready for spring! Actually, I’d be ok just going straight into summer!




This week for WIAW I thought I would do something different and post what I am actually eating today. Let’s start with breakfast…

This morning started off like most mornings do…breakfast on the go! I made a green smoothie with spinach, banana, almond milk, and a handful of mixed berries. I also threw in some vanilla protein powder for flavor and to help me stay fuller longer. I never have time to actually drink it before I run out the door so I wisely invested in straws for in-car drinking after a few oh-so-embarrassing green stained work shirts. Good thing I have a lot of cup holders because I also had green tea and water. I have about a 30 minuted commute to work-betcha can’t guess where I head as soon as I get there! :)

I bring my lunch to work pretty much every day. Here’s what I have in my lunchbox today…Yes I did say lunch box, I am a full grown adult and I have a lunchbox that I actually use, jealous?? :)

Spicy lentil soup, left over from dinner last night. Homemade mango granola…YUM…don’t worry I keep giant containers of greek yogurt at work to go with it. I am already looking forward to my mid-morning snack! An apple and a grapefruit. One thing that didn’t make the picture is the sleeve of Thin Mints that I keep in my desk drawer. Now, I can’t technically see the future, but if I were a betting woman, I’d put money on the fact that one or two of those would be eaten before the day is over!

Now, here’s the fun part…Dinner! I have no idea what I am having! WIAW cop out you ask? Nope! I promise to share dinner next Wednesday! I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with new foods, especially Asian dishes, so I have some ideas…but you’ll have to wait till next Wednesday to see!

Have a great Wednesday Everyone!


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