Chive Risotto Cakes

I first heard about these Chive Risotto Cakes from Sarah over at Sarah’s Place, and knew I had to try them for myself! The recipe is from Ina Garten who in my eyes can do no wrong!

Chives are one of my favorite herbs, and these risotto cakes are filled with subtly onion-y chive flavor. Not to mention lots of other yummy stuff!

You know me and Greek Yogurt…I can’t resist a recipe with i! This one starts with combining the greek yogurt, egg, chives, and cheese.

Put the mixture in the fridge while you cook your arborio rice. Cook rice until tender but just undercooked. You don’t want your risotto cakes to be mushy!

I love the big starchy kernels of arborio rice! I could eat the whole colander full if only it were socially acceptable. But a girl can dream, right?!

After the rice is cooled, add it to the yogurt mixture and stir to combine. Ina’s recipe says to refrigerate 2 hours or overnight. I really wish I hadn’t read that at 7 pm as I was hustling to get dinner on the table! So as any crafty cook would think, I determined: 2 hours in the fridge = 20 minutes in the freezer! While I think the risotto cakes would have been a bit easier to mold if I had read the recipe ahead of time and let them sit for a couple more hours. They still turned out great, even if I did have incredibly messy, sticky hands!

Get your bread crumbs ready. Ina uses Panko, and if you have them on hand, go for it! I always have homemade bread crumbs in the freezer that I make from any leftover bread we have (just pop it in the food processor) so I used that and it was perfect.

Use a cookie scoop heaping tablespoon to measure the risotto mixture and form balls in your hand. Press to flatten and coat with the breadcrumbs. Ina says to do this process as you go but to avoid washing my oh-so-messy hands every 2 minutes I chose to form all my risotto cakes before frying them up.

Then, just heat up a few tablespoons of oil in your pan and drop in the risotto cakes.

Cook for about 1 1/2 minutes per side. You can only cook 3-5 cakes at a time depending on the size of your pan, so stick the cooked cakes in a warm oven while you are finishing up the rest.

These are utterly delish and slightly addicting! Are perfect for an appetizer, side dish, or even with brunch! Try them out, I think you’ll love them as much as I did! Thanks again to Sarah for the idea! :)


Chive Risotto Cakes

Print the recipe from Ina Garten here

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  1. Sarah says:

    OMG, those look SOOOOO good!! You’re right, Ina can do no wrong at all :) She’s brilliant! And now we both have a great new dish, thanks to her. Yours look a lot better than mine did. I’ll take one or 4 of yours please :) YUM!!

  2. filingawaycupcakes says:

    These are fabulous! I would love to serve these as an app! I am sure people would think, “oh another crab cake” then when they bit into them, they would see that it was something so different and fresh!

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