Blood Orange Margarita

Welcome to the weekend! It is beautiful and sunny here in California, and even if it isn’t where you are, make this cocktail, close your eyes, and you will be on a beach in Mexico in no time!

I love blood oranges! Despite their somewhat horror movie sounding name they are so pretty! Not to mention sweet and flavorful. Another thing I love? Tequila! It instantly makes me happy, relaxed, and remembering every time I have laid on a beach/swam in the ocean/sat by the pool…what’s not to love?!

This margarita is tart, just the right amount of sweet, and just the right amount of kick!

Juice up 4 blood oranges…

Combine juice in a shaker with the juice of 3 limes, 2 tablespoons simple syrup, and 8 oz of tequila. Shake well. Grab 2 glasses, run a lime wedge around the rim and dip rim in kosher or margarita salt. Fill your glasses with ice. Pour margarita in, garnish with lime round. Drink up!!!!

Enjoy! Happy Saturday everybody!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! This is such a pretty drink, and it sounds sooooooooooo good. Love your pictures, tho they make me very thirsty :)

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