Are you ready for some football?

We were! Yesterday a few Bay Area friends gathered to watch the 49ers crush the NY Giants and march along to the super bowl…

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out that way :( For the past month the Bay Area has been electrified with Forty-Niner fever which culminated in the championship game last night. Even though the Niners played a good game, they lost in overtime to the NY Giants. Bummer. Huge bummer. As a Bay Area resident I would have loved to see the 49ers go on to the superbowl, but the silver lining is that now that I won’t really have a team to root for in the superbowl I can really concentrate on the 2 most important parts of Super Bowl Sunday: the commercials, and the food! :)

Our friends Greg and Elise had us, along with our friends Brandon and Rachel over to their new home (which by the way could definitely be on some TLC show about the cutest homes ever!) to watch the games and to try out Greg’s new man-toy: a giant and very shiny BBQ.

Clearly, the BBQ works great! As amazing as these skewers look they tasted even better! Steak, chicken, and lots of veggies, all with an amazing char and some delicious marinade that I am determined to recreate. As if that wasn’t enough, Elise whipped up this amazing orzo salad…

which I am totally stealing. It was delicious and “so easy” according to Elise. The basic recipe is : one box of orzo, chopped red bell pepper, chopped red onion, basil, chopped sun dried tomatoes in oil, and feta cheese. Then you just drizzle with balsamic vinegar and toss in some pine nuts and that’s it! I can’t wait to try it out myself!

Just to put things over the top, we ended the night (and drowned our sorrows about the loss) with a batch of absolutely delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Mmmmm I can almost smell them through the computer! The best part was, as everyone was raving about how amazing they were and asking Elise what her secret was, Brandon (who is somewhat of a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur) mentioned, “These cookies have the perfect amount of salt!” That’s when Elise told us that as Greg was helping her bake and he confused a tablespoon for a teaspoon when measuring the salt! Come one now, we’ve all done it once! :) The funny thing was that apparently a tablespoon minus “scooping out as much as we could” turns out to be the perfect amount of salt for absolutely irresistible chocolate chip cookies. Next time I bake I am definitely inviting Greg over to help!

Such a fantastic Sunday and a great way to cap off the weekend!

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

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